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Heather Dawn Thompson Press Coverage

Press Coverage

Ms. Thompson’s work is often groundbreaking and sometimes covered in local and national media. A sample of some of the press coverage of her work is below.

Lakota lawyer to lead Agriculture tribal relations

by Stewart Huntington, Indian Country Today (January 24, 2021)

Heather Dawn Thompson's Goals as Director of the Office of Tribal Relations

by Joshua Halar, SDPB (January 29, 2021)

“Wakpamni Lake Community Bond Lawsuit Dismissed,”

By Stewart Huntington, Native Sun News (December 8, 2020)


“Federal Panel Reviewing Native American Sentencing,” 

By Dan Frosch, The Wall Street Journal (April 21, 2015)


“A Man of Healing, A Saga of Suffering: Allegations of Child Sex Abuse are Complicated by Legal Maze in Indian County,” 

by Sari Horowitz, The Washington Post (December 28, 2014)


“Hidden America: Children of the Plains,” Narrator, 20/20 ABC Special with Diane Sawyer, (October 2011)


“History of Rapid City Indian Boarding School Project (Heather Dawn Thompson, Esq.),” 

Oyate Today – Interview (March 15, 2019)


“A Small Step But A Giant Leap – Historic Land Settlement Resolution,” 

Indian Country Today (November 16, 2020)


“Historic Land Settlement Inches Closer,” 

Indian Country Today (September 22, 2020)


“Groundbreaking for Rapid City Indian Boarding School Memorial,” 

Rapid City Journal (October 12, 2020)


“Annual Boarding School Memorial Walk

– Native American Youth Past and Future,” 

Rapid City Journal (October 14, 2019)


“Boarding School Continuing Impacts Nowadays,” 

KOTA TV (October 18, 2019)


“Transforming Race Relations in the Black Hills,” 

South Dakota Public Broadcasting (July 24, 2018)


“Researchers Locate Long Lost Wounded Knee Survivor,” 

KOTA TV News (October 15, 2017)


“Standing Room Only for Sioux San Lands Presentation,” 

KOTA TV (May 4, 2017)

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