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Heather Dawn Thompson Adventure

Adventures & Passions

Heather is an avid traveler and outdoorswoman. Raised by a father that camped, adventured, and hunted well into his 80s, Heather spends as much time as possible outside. She enjoys traveling to beautiful and rugged locations with her family, friends, and furry companions. Favorite activities include daily hikes, biking, backpacking, and hot springs hopping. Longer outdoor adventures often involve overlanding and hammock and winter camping.


Heather is also an active advocate for family food sovereignty, which includes growing, collecting, and preserving your family’s own food. Supporting that goal includes protecting the environment to support natural food growth, seed collection and propagation of indigenous plants (permaculture), home gardening, and identification and gathering of edible and medicinal plants. Heather also enjoys the study of teas and medicinal plants for teas and shares her tea collection and passion with her guests.

Heather Dawn Thompson Passions
Heather Dawn Thompson Lake
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